All your data is ORCHESTRATED

Anything and everything that mainstream science/scientist claim is nothing but an extension of inferences based on “KNOWN” data.While it does conventionally hold good, “HOW LONG?” is the key question. An entire civilization believed that Earth is the center of our solar system for centuries! Now ? Einstein proposed a model of Static (or Stationary) Universe…


0 Things that won’t blow your mind !

There is a big problem when it comes to being funny, especially when people assume that they are on satire or “ANY” mode presumed to be a highly evolved one that signifies a mature society that can laugh at their shortcomings. Its like, you can see a tear in the thin line that separates the…

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Another first :A personal Entry

For a change, a little personal entry on my blog.Maybe because many suggested that I need to add a little flavor to my posts and make it an interesting read for majority and as far as I reckon, to a vast majority, “OTHER’s” personal is the most favourite flavor.. 😛