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There is a big problem when it comes to being funny, especially when people assume that they are on satire or “ANY” mode presumed to be a highly evolved one that signifies a mature society that can laugh at their shortcomings. Its like, you can see a tear in the thin line that separates the…

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Another first :A personal Entry

For a change, a little personal entry on my blog.Maybe because many suggested that I need to add a little flavor to my posts and make it an interesting read for majority and as far as I reckon, to a vast majority, “OTHER’s” personal is the most favourite flavor.. :P


Why is “negative” more attractive? A cue to collective evolution

Be it projecting a country as a summation of few negative pockets or projecting a religion as an epitome of certain group’s behavior or be it a behavioral trait
attributed to a certain race, we are surrounded by many such unwarranted stereotypes because they have been projected for long to cater to a negatively biased global society.As a race, we are conditioned to be receptive to negativity to such an extent that when everything looks good, we involuntarily start expecting trouble.
By some strange means,negativity is relatively more attractive to us, even at subconscious level.


A better blend called CHENNAI : CBC TABLOG 3

This post is a part of Chennai Bloggers Club’s(CBC) Tablog 3 where a group of bloggers write on the theme “Chennai: A Blend of the Traditional and Modern.” For those who are not aware, Chennai Bloggers Club is a group of wonderful bloggers who yap, scribble, ramble, annotate, facilitate and sometime even tolerate thoughts on a…