A Knight’s Anecdote ..


Walking down the lane led by plasmic glow. 

Flooded by memories ,my walk tends to slow. 

I stop to admire this colossal  growth.

My love for my beloved and my silent oath.

There are times when clouds get  dark,they never look nice.
You look up , wish for a change, though you know its unwise.

The day you said it , my reflex acted in a trice.
Now I wish I never mirrored ,a curse in disguise

But,here I stand, mocking this colossal growth
When I just cant express,why do I loathe?

I wish I purge this numbing thought.
Though I gulp the liquid…. there remains the froth

Lost in trance, becoming times’s prey….
doomed to darkness,though a sunny day…

Playing my part in his meticulous play…
What am I made of??? china clay??

Brimming with content my eyes would close…
casting shadows of fraying fun I willingly chose..

Relishing the silence  as I conquer remorse

Thanking those moments that set things straight.

For you yourself are your own bait;

That fish that is not caught thereby,
Alas, is wiser far than I

Inspired by John Dunne’s ” The Bait”

By :RAM~Knight 4ever


3 thoughts on “A Knight’s Anecdote ..

  1. well…. Ram its really honest outlet of one’s feeling……

    n i guess dis is nice to know wats onn in ur boi’s mind while in all dis situations……

    good good….

    P.S. I guess need to start a gal’s blog [:P] soon!!!!!

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