Just when you think that you own the finest armor ..
Something burns you from within..


Dismantling  was never an option 
Cos you feared the worst might occupy therein 


“Maybe its nothing” you hear him say…
Just like the day when you thought ” what did she just say?”


Then comes a day when things looks  murky..

Yet again he says its you who is acting kinky ..


 With that his preaching ends for those who’s wisdom is set.

Things you do thereafter would no longer  reek ..


Call him conscience or call him your inner self…
Its TIME ! stack him back-shelf …


What good does your preaching hold 

When what you nurtured burns you inside out?


Things are just as good as they seem to be 
The day they start hiding …  remember,you  see them no more!


Not worth another try If you haven’t got the essence by now .
maybe… you are not even a  sophomore….




Ram~Knight 4ever 


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