Being Practical ! Duh

Something  has been bugging me for a couple of days !!

 Those who have known me for quite sometime would have always heard me say“most of our problems arises because we refrain from being simple “


Have debated on this with many..

few agree , few don’t and few just smile..

But something that happened lately left me gobsmacked and hence this post.


Few things I want to clarify


1. Though it may sound similar… “being simple”  and “being practical”  doesn’t mean the same. If you ask me .. being practical is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.  It’s unrealistic and impractical to think that you are going to tinker around with some metal and thus help people fly over an ocean,  fortunately the Wright brothers dint think so.


2. If you don’t know what being practical is , keep away from justifying your stupidity by saying “am being practical man!!”

 Please understand that being PRACTICAL in life” means, one is grounded in reality by facing and handling real issues and problems, and being able to  ADAPT and INTERFACE effectively to various situations.

This doesn’t mean that you should catch the lemons life throws at you and cherish it. What’s practical today is not practical tomorrow. If  “your” definition of ” Being Practical” is right,  it would have been so non practical to think that someone who is 1000 miles away can hear you as clear as a person sitting right next to you can hear few decades back,   now its Child’s play.

A practical person is a one who adapts to present situations and make use of it to achieve what he desires. Good that there were and are enough sensible people who understand what ” Being Practical” means, else we would be still running naked behind deers with spear and stones!


3. Finally… being practical never means disowning what you believe and practice. Some of you might wonder why I am saying this. Trust me.. many of us stop doing few things because it’s been giving hiccups lately irrespective of the fact that it had been a voluptuous source of joy for long.

Let me give u an example..

The most used phrase in break ups is..  “Let’s be practical … my parents will never agree”.

Bollocks! You want to know what a real practical person would do? Stand up and fight for what they nurtured .

What kind of practicality is letting  go something which you wanted.. for a mere speculation (Everything is a speculation until it happens.. tats how you keep things simple)  however daunting it is? What more can make you happy than being with loved ones and FYI that’s  why people fall in love…If you had something else in mind ,good luck…we live in an age where we can rent almost everything.. ALMOST!




RAM~Knight 4ever





12 thoughts on “Being Practical ! Duh

  1. Let me start from the end of your post – The example. Can we say that while falling in love an individual suspends every notion of reality and practicality and then finally when the time comes for taking a step ahead, the individual suddenly realises that reality is not as rosy as he/she had expected. I wonder why the phrase “let’s be practical” is used only when arguments arise and there seems to be no other way.

    So, we come back to your argument and say that only people who are wary of standing up use that phrase, “be practical.”

    Spot on post. I am nodding in agreement.

    Joy always,

  2. Exactly Susan .. as you rightly mentioned “Lets be practical” has become a cliche in arguments especially when there is no other way .. It serves an an crutch for an erstwhile limping argument 🙂

    Glad you acknowledge 🙂


  3. I am just wondering who actually has the call when it comes to defining “mediocrity”. That line of yours is perhaps the only thing I cannot quite agree

    • I understand your point da. When I said “being practical is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity” I framed it completely as a relevance note to the thought flow of my post .

      I agree as much as you do on the relative nature of “defining mediocrity” that is why I ensured that I don’t use it as a yardstick but just a frame of reference .

      On second observation I do feel that you have a point as it does sound a little wrong unless explained why it is there 🙂

      Thnks Buddy

      • I just realized I wasn’t totally clear with my comment ! I didn’t argue about the usage of the term “mediocrity”; rather I don’t agree with the line in its very essence. I don’t see how practicality actually leads in the direction you’ve implied. Perhaps if you explained more, it could make sense

  4. Good read! but somewhere in between, the concept contradicts itself I think.

    Consider this,

    Practical means adapting to what the situation demands right?
    *not considering breakups here*
    Many a times we have to let go of our of beliefs and need to embrace new ones, sometimes they might even be against what we were thinking. That simplifies everything right?
    Conflicts arise only when our beliefs are questioned, and there comes a need to change – practical thing to do.

    what is your take on it?

    • Thanks Lakshmi,
      As i have mentioned , being practical is not just about adapting which is what most of us do… its being able to ADAPT and INTERFACE effectively to various situations.

      As susan mentioned in her comment, “the phrase “let’s be practical” is used only when arguments arise and there seems to be no other way.” which shouldn’t be happening 🙂

      • Well, I do agree but my thoughts are that your 2nd and 3rd point kinda contradicts .. because sometime one needs to let go of their beliefs and get “practical”

        It is rather similar to what Mother said there is a difference between ‘some truths’ and ‘all truths’. Lets say A tells everything to B. There comes something which will anger B if said and if that incident is not narrated or narrated partially will be enough information for B to know.
        In such a case A needs to be ‘practical’ (similar to your second point) and be prudent enough to let of his/her practice of ‘all truth’ and say ‘some truths’ (disowning as per point 3)

      • Choosing not to say a truth that might hurt a particular person is good.. as the snaskrit adage goes “Satyam Bruyat Priyam Bruyat Na Bruyat Satyam Apriyam” which essentially reflects on your story . But what is dealt here is completely different Lakshmi . One can never own or disown truth. It is the ever prevalent . One can choose to divulge it or not .

        The essence of the second point is “A practical person is a one who adapts to present situations and make use of it to achieve what he desires ”

        and third part is a literal continuation of the same highlighting on a blunder that people do most of the time that is “letting go … just because it gives hiccups ” ..It takes the logic of flow, that is once a person adapts to a situation , he must not retaliate just because it his givein problems .

        I again want to stress ” Adapting and interfacing is the key.. just adapting and accepting things as it is NOT PRACTICAL ” which ppl tend to do . 🙂

        Phew.. too big I know 😀
        Thnks for reading

  5. According to me, Being practical is about accepting the facts and acting accordinly, instead of letting your head get lost in the clouds, dreaming of possibilities that never are/never will be..

    it is about accepting things as they are and dealing with it rather than fantascizing.

    Good post 🙂

    • I believe that accepting things as they are and dealing with it are two different things all together as already been discussed in the comments above . But I agree with you on not just fantasizing but acting upon 🙂
      Thanks Aarti 🙂

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