OH SHIT ! Syndrome

OH Shit! Syndrome


Have you ever noticed that there is one point in time when you find yourself in a state where you exactly know what you have been doing is utter nonsense and you just sit back and wonder, “What am I going to do now?”

If your answer is YES, here is an exercise for you. Play that entire episode in your mind again and again. Try pausing exactly few microseconds before your realization of your stupidity dawned and find out what were the words that you mentally barked at yourself then.

Try this with several such episodes!  You will be surprised by the inference that every time before you realized your stupidity there is always one set of words that repeats itself in  almost all episodes and those magical words are…………… “OH SHIT” [or its equivalent in your mother tongue :D]

“OH SHIT” is the bottom line, and if you can make those magical words resonate in anyone’s mind, you can absolutely build anything from then on! It’s an anchor of unknown origin beautifully sowed deep in our sub conscious. It has the potential of pulling any dumbass to reality 😉

 Have been experimenting on this for almost 2 yrs now and the results are just amazing.

If you can just make a person say “OH SHIT”   , he/she is practically yours. The reason being, you have been smart enough to “OH SHIT” him/her and he/she would be in a vulnerable state and would gulp everything you say, purely because of the fact that you had just made him/her feel inferior by making him/her realize how big a fool he/she was. This opens a portal that directly leads to his/her subconscious and your message gets embedded nice n smooth without passing through any filter or preconceived notion!

Now, some of you might jump and say , “Excuse me…..! How would THAT make us feel inferior?”

It’s pretty simple…. The “OH SHIT” popped in the first place because you had just realized how stupid you were and if that realization was directed by someone, obviously you just can’t talk back immediately for the fear of doing something more stupid. After all it’s better to keep your mouth shut n let people assume that you are stupid rather than opening your mouth and let them confirm the same right? 😉 . And that my dear friends gives you an upper hand for a small span of time and its up to you on how well you capitalize on it . Always remember one thing though ….. Never give enough time for the next “ OH SHIT”  to dawn… coz once that happens…. The tables are turned 😀


8 thoughts on “OH SHIT ! Syndrome

  1. an explicit article Sri…!!! you’r article made me…say those words “OH SHIT”…!!! 100000s of emotions have been……bagged into a more or less 500 words article…!!!

  2. I’m just not gonna say “Oh Shit”. Perhaps, you ought to write about the different forms of using “Oh Shit”, just like Osho did with the other four letter word

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