Quantum Metaphors : Importance of OBSERVING

The world of quantum physics is the best place to get lost on a lousy Sunday afternoon, provided you don’t have a date 😉 . So having nothing productive to do, I decided to flip through few pages of one of my old books – “Feynman Lecture on Physics” which was widely used by Physics majors as a book for reference.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular to read so was just flipping through experiments related to quantum theory because every time I read them I kind of stumble upon some metaphor that relates to few truths we ought to know about our life and I wasn’t disappointed .

One of the most famous experiments in quantum mechanics is the “DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT” which proves the dual nature of particles. To understand the experiment better, see the animated video below. It’s been explained in such simple terms that even a middle school kid can understand.


Now that you have seen the video am pretty sure that you understand  what the experiment is all about. What intrigues me is not the fact that electrons creating an interference pattern like waves do, but the fact that they completely stop doing the same when observed, as though they have a brain of their own and they know that they are being watched.

This made me wonder about the importance of the act of observing.

 We, with all our perceptions and preconceived notions always try to judge before observing enough. It’s only by observing   we get to know what’s real. It’s very important to understand that observing something calls for YOU not being a part of its system …let me explain it with an example. You can’t be a hardcore baseball fan and try to understand which the best sport is amongst all ball games right? The very reason why you love baseball is the fact that it appeals to you the most and this will act as a filter while analyzing facts and figures of other sports and eventually your judgment would be biased. So you should not be a part of the system , let no preconceived ideas play and observe it as a separate entity that operates on a system bereft of you. The KEY word is “observe” and don’t jump into conclusions… and the truth will eventually dawn, just like what happened in the experiment. The truth about the dual nature of particles presented itself when observed by a entity which is not a part of their system.

This act of non judgmental observation is the highest form of intelligence one can acquire. It Has multiple applications in our life. In my previous post I have touched upon this topic while talking about self knowledge. When we try to acquire self knowledge it’s very important to observe ourselves without being judgmental i.e. in other words, observing what we are without any known data or preconceived notion and only then we can stay rooted to reality .


Ram ~ Knight 4ver

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