Doomsday Humbug !! -Nothing Awaits !!


December 21, 2012. The ancient Mayan calendar indicates that the earth as we know it
now would come to an end. (OH !!)

To be precise we are coming to the end of the 13th
Baktum. (Yeah Right!!)

Now Panic !! Try this … When someone calls you a
dog , get on all fours n bark .. Wait .. better …lift ur leg and pee on every pole
you come across!

You wouldn’t right? Of course we wouldn’t , we are selectively
Rational ..

Just trying to say that get your facts right and then act !! !

Now for those who knew only about the mayan calendar coming to an end and have no
clue what Baktun is, it is a unit of time equal to 144,000 days in the Mayan system:

1 Day = 1 K’in
20 Days = 1 Winal
360 Days = 1 Tun
7,200 Days = 1 K’atun
144,000 Days = 1 B’ak’tun

Now, am no expert on sumerian culture or the entire doomsday thing ! However, after
the 13th Baktun has ended, I confidently predict that the 14th Baktun will begin –
that’s all .. just like the way the 12th ended and 13th started,. Even more the
mayans never said something like ” Thats all folks ! We are done forever “

mayan cartoon

Imagine this ! There is a great flood and the entire New York City is submerged in
water and thousands of years later a team excavators finds Statue of liberty with
its flaming torch n a crown with traingles pointing upwards . What do you think they
will conclude ? will it be like, “Hey guys… we just found a statue, a gift to the
United States from the people of France, of a robed female figure representing
Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom “? .We are talking about a few thousand years
old archaeological artifact and our history would have been eroded by time by then,so their obvious guess would be ,” This must be an ancient sun goddess due to its pointed crown and torch “

Maybe that’s what we are doing with this Mayan calender. Maybe we got it all wrong !!
Why cant it be a new beginning rather than an apocalypse ?

Some of those who are sound in astrophysics and astronomy will now jump !

They would say that this day will align the solstice sun with the galactic equator
and that this event happens every 26,000 years.

The fact is that the alignment of the winter solstice sun with the galactic equator
has occurred every year since 1980. It is true that, because of the precession of
the equinoxes (a fancy name for the earth’s wobble on its axis)  ,what has been
an annual event since 1980 will eventually cease and, when that happens, it will not
return for another 26,000 years. Now thats how the truth has been tweaked by general
perception ! I can give several other examples

1. The Fifth Age of Man

Many new agers point out that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. We are coming
to the end of the Age of Pisces, the 5th age of man. Apparently the Mayan calendar
consists of seven such ages based on precession of the equinoxes in the zodiac.

So, is the ending of an age particularly significant? Well, again I am no expert,
but if we are coming to the end of the 5th age of man, then we must also have, in
the past, come to the end of the first, second third and fourth ages without facing
a catastrophe of the magnitude predicted by some.

Now some vivid followers ll say,


Nostradamus, with his tripod and through quatrains, has supposedly predicted many
wars, famines, dictators and various innovations. His prophesies include one about a
great comet that would apparently strike the Earth and cause the same kind of
destruction as may have happened at the time of the Dinosaurs. Some people are
associating this prediction with 2012.

Well again, my view is that the prophesies of Nostradamus are written in such a way
as to allow you read into them pretty much what you choose.

Think fow many of those science fiction gadgets once a fantasy are now real.Doesnt
this make every creator of those sci-fi flicks a Nostradamus ?

Why should the theologist be left out?

3.The Rapture

Every now and again, someone is predicting the date of the Rapture, Now there are
people predicting that 2012 is the date the anti-christ will reveal himself to the
world and at that time, the Rapture will occur. That’s when, according to Christian
literalists, Christ will meet with his followers in the air.

After that, there will be a huge battle between the forces of good and evil
culminating with God finally defeating Satan and freeing humans from sin forever.
But the Bible itself says that no man knows the date or time of these events, so if
you want to be a literalist, you can confidently ignore such warnings about 2012 as
being blatantly wrong according to scripture itself let aside the theory of annunaki
and ancient aliens !

4.Polar shift

There is every possibility that the magnetic north pole could shift.
Experts have concluded that there have already been very marked shifts in the
position of magnetic north. In addition, the sun’s magnetic poles reverse about
every 11 years.

Now the question is, did we notice anything? Going by the fact that you are reading
this now, I dont think something drastic really happened.

Well firstly, we do know that pole inversions have happened in the past and we also
know that humankind actually survived them. Studies of polar ice caps have revealed
that the Earth has experienced many complete switches in the past. A complete switch
is where magnetic north becomes south and vice versa. Not the earth being turned
upside down. As far as we know the last magnetic pole shift occurred, according to
Wikipedia, about 700 thousand years ago and that was well before recorded history
We have to understand that such a process would take many many years and if it was
anyway close to 2012 then by now we would have experienced something pretty much

Some might ask,” what if a sudden reversal happen? say maybe due to a meteorite
collision or the famous Planet X [Niburu] really is in a impact point with earth”.
With the predicted day just around the corner and Hubbles ,dont you think we would
at least have a slight clue of its course ? Something that’s on a collision course would have been the brightest object in the night sky now unless it has borrowed the Invisible Cloak from Harry Potter ( Oh yeah.. relatively speaking ,he does exist if you believe in this doomsday humbug)

Now if you are still apprehensive say it here… Am really lazy to take down all
know possible hypothesis here . Maybe ll take them down in my next post.

Just be assured that nothing is gonna happen as percieved on Dec 21 2012. Have a
great year ahead 🙂

Ram~Knight 4ever

Confession: Few facts presented are Cntrl+V from several extracts morphed according
to my view without tampering with its central idea


2 thoughts on “Doomsday Humbug !! -Nothing Awaits !!

  1. 😦 😦 Very Very Convincing 😦 I have to see the sharks and whales in the Ocean I cant die so soon! So lalalalalalaa…

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