Cheers to life !!












Cheers! He said, just to check the level of spirit

Cheers! They clung, for everything this night they inherit


The wisdom to know the right from wrong

The art of keeping people where they belong


How to comprehend when not a single word is spoken

How to fix when it all appears broken


Where to fall and how to grow

What to keep and what to throw?


Whom to hold and for how long

What are the lyrics for your life’s title song?


You come in clean and let life etch

Everything you learn and all your letch


With that stage set, its time you start winning

Cheers to life and a new beginning!




Ram ~ Knight 4ever


10 thoughts on “Cheers to life !!

  1. //The art of keeping people where they belong// I dont understand this :(. How are we to decide where people belong?

    • Don’t we decide whom to befriend ? Don’t we decide whom to trust ? Don;t we decide whom to give that extra attention and love ? These are patterns of us putting people in the place they belong in “OUR LIFE ” πŸ™‚ Tats what I meant by that line mate !

      • True that boss.. But would have been more appropriate if you have mentioned whom to come closer than mentioning keeping people at their place. I thought it was two different things. Nice poem. Cheers to the new beginning.

  2. Nice one…!! but “Whom to hold and for how long?” — when you want to hold on to someone, you’ll wanna hold on to them for a lifetime, wouldn’t you? why calculate the duration and restrict their presence? πŸ™‚

  3. This is one of several motives why I keep heading back to this blog page. This blog post is an abundance of advise and I can’t wait to begin using them. I love how it’s evident that you took a great number of time and effort in research. I hate it when I read on postings that are 600 words long but are lacking in content. It is like they just want to catch you in and they’re not really giving out something compelling. So thanks a lot!

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