The Elusive !












Themed on Aphrodite, the greek goddess of Love, pleasure, and procreation, the following poem uses  her role in the Trojan war  as a metaphor for love



She rises with foam, they say

In her beauty, your heart would sway

Lust for all and flesh to elite

Never once, she settled for the petite


In the battle of wisdom, love and fidelity

She stole the show, ah!  She Ravishing beauty

In tandem dawned the Trojan, by and for love

Little did Paris know what was hanging above


Immortal she is, her beauty would never fray

For those who crave, her song would play

With no control on what your hormones expedite

If you haven’t got it yet, her name is Aphrodite


Be it Helen of the Mycenaean age

Or a mere goon with haphazard rage

With love she would forever play

Enticed, you will plead her to stay

But with foam she raises they say

Like foam she would vanish to your dismay




Ram~ Knight 4ever


This Poem is a part of IBL  a Battle of blogs hosted by Write Up Cafe  under “Poem”  representing team Coupe d’  East




7 thoughts on “The Elusive !

  1. Greek mythology never ceases to awe me. It’s so magical and dreamy dreamy. And Aphrodite – what to say about her. Aptly said, she appears and disappears like foam. Yeah. So do so many symbolical aphrodites in life – like love or money or temptations.

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