Exploring the realm of AURA : VIOLET

The first color of VIBGYOR,Violet :

violet aura












As I  mentioned in my VIBGYOR TAG PRELUDE ( do read by clicking on it if you haven’t),  we are going to explore the realm of AURAS by coupling science and eastern esoteric postulates. Having said that, nothing can match the science of REIKHI and Chakras in providing the best inputs required.

The most intriguing thing that I noticed is how the Aura colors of VIBGYOR follows a precise pattern starting from our crown to the last part of the 7 REIKHI CHAKRAS.


7 components of white light and 7 chakras of reikhi! Is it some coincidence or does it have some strong connections? Maybe we will get to know as we explore.  🙂


It relates to Crown Chakra, pineal gland and the nervous system.

It is considered the most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the most intuitive color of the auras, and reveals psychic power of attunement and its shades are often associated with NDE( Near Death Experiences).

It’s the color often emanated by visionaries who are futuristic and idealistic.

It’s also the aura that one emanates when he/she is feeling artistic.

Now the Crown Chakra of REIKHI is the first chakra and relates to spiritual experiences and we can also infer that the first color of VIBGYOR, VIOLET relates to the same. Coincidence? Let’s explore if it holds good for other colors in the other posts. Until then …..




Ram~ Knight 4ever


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