Exploring the realm of AURA : BLUE

The third color in VIBGYOR : Blue










Blue is associated to the throat chakra :

Blue is all about choice: The concept that every choice we make is an act of power and has a positive or negative consequence. The throat represents the expression of your will.

If we ruffle through the pages of ancient civilizations and mythology we can find several mentions of gods and powerful entities being associated to the color BLUE

For example:

The Greek god EURYNOMOS (or Eurynomus), the spirit of netherworld is described as a blue skinned god who dwells among corpses.

The Hindu god SHIVA who is also called NILAKANTA (The one with a blue throat) is describes as the one who dwells in MAYAANA (Burial Ground) is also depicted as a dark blue skinned deity. Just like EURYNOMOS, he too is considered as the punisher/destroyer.

Shiva n poseidon

The chinese god Lei-Kung is depicted as an ugly one with blue skin, wings and claws, clad in a loincloth.  He punished the guilty that human law did not touch. Again a Punisher in blue.  COINCIDENCE?

Lei Kung

Lei Kung

The Egyptian god Amon, is often showed with a blue face to symbolize his role in the creation of the world. By extension, the pharaohs were sometimes shown with blue faces as well when they became identified with Amon.



Even the god Egyptian god TOTH   who is associated with the arbitration of godly disputes, the arts of magic, system of writing and the development of science is depicted as a deity with body of a man and a head of a blue IBIS. What is more strange is that the Hindu god VISHWAKARMA who happens to be the architect of the universe had a disciple who had the head of a PARROT and he played a key role in constructing architectural marvels across the globe. Guess what The Sanskrit (language of the gods) word for parrot is?? THOTH ( Sukah is also Parrot). Even today in Hindi (an Indian language that has its root in Sanskrit), a parrot is called as THOTHA.

Lord Vishwakarma
Ibis for Thoth and Swan under Vishwakarma. Coincidence?


The blue connection doesn’t stop here.

The AVATARs (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu who is regarded as the protector of the universe are always described as blue skinned. Eg. Lord Rama the 7th  avatar of Vishnu and Lord Krishna the 9th Avatar were blue skinned.


Should I mention that James Cameroon’s Avatars were also blue skinned?  😛

The list is endless. The Sumerian gods referred to as the ANNUNAKI were blue blooded. Even today we talk about Blue blooded royalty. Advocates of ANCIENT ALIENS theory like Eric Von Daniken, Zacharia Sitchin, Giorgio Tsoukalos suggest that these so called gods whom our ancestors worshipped might very well be aliens from a far advanced extraterrestrial civilization who visited earth thousands of years ago and played a vital role in our evolution. In fact, the SUMERIANS of the Mesopotamian civilization believed that their gods (ANNUNAKI), came to earth from a distant planet situated in the Orion constellation to mine gold.

Even for  the Mayas of the MAYAN CIVILIZATION, blue was the color of the rain deities, particularly the god Chaahk, their rain god and the patron of agriculture.

When the Maya made sacrifices, they painted the objects – or people – bright Mayan blue prior to the ritual because to them it was the color of GOD.

Guess that is enough information on blue gods.

Getting back to where we started and to sum up ,the color blue that relates to the Throat chakra of the reikhi is often emanated from those who are Cool, calm, and collected.

Though it sounds really peaceful, the challenge of this chakra is to express freely the balance between your personal will (personality) and your higher will (spiritual). Personally I read traces of this aura from almost everyone. Looks like everyone has this inner “tug-off war”


Lot more to explore. Until then..



Ram~Knight 4ever

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