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Green AURA Relates to heart chakra. It is a very soothing and healthy aura to experience.

When seen as an aura emanated , this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change, like love.

The heart chakra gets activated as the center of love, compassion, devotion and generosity. The energy within us is completely directed towards connecting to the greater and primordial source of divine love. We begin to sense that we are connected to all beings on the planet a pure feeling of universal compassion.

In this post,I would like to discuss in detail about love sans  human misconceptions.


Few days back when I mentioned in a public forum that Love is the mother of all emotions. I was corrected by a friend of mine saying that love is not an emotion because a strong expression of a feeling is an emotion but love can remain unexpressed and still be called love. Moreover when we are born the first thing we experience is pain and we cry so how can love be mother of all emotions?

That left me wondering for a long time on how emotions and feelings are more often superficially approached. Though what my friend said is completely right and love, whether expressed or not remains love and hence it’s a feeling, we must understand that every feeling  is innate and it assumes completeness when only expressed. Your anger cannot be termed as anger unless expressed for the simple fact that no one knows what is happening inside you. Even a subtle facial change  can suffice and that is the minimum requisite to register it as an emotion. It is the expression that leads to understanding and so it’s the light that drives away the darkness.

According to Carl Jung, objects draw and invoke emotions. This is a natural phenomenon, and is essential for human survival. When you encounter an unknown, you may have a range of sensations such as curiosity, fear etc. When you give that unknown a name, it becomes a significant symbol of meaning. It is through this process that emotions become attached to every object in the universe. When some object is given a name, it not only becomes a “thing”, it also becomes something of “meaning”. On a daily basis these emotions can be as subtle as: “like”, “dislike” or “ambivalence”. Even a state of ambivalence is nevertheless a state of meaning. Therefore, to put it simply: Nothing, is ever meaningless.

As the objects in your world induce emotions within you, they are collected in the subconscious and begin to accumulate. This is especially so when the events are repeated. Ultimately they form a final emotional conclusion about life, how to live it, and more importantly, how to survive physically and mentally in a world of chaos. When this happens a feeling is born. In this way, emotions serve as a sort of, “Feelings Factory”.

Once feelings are established, they often feed back into your emotions to produce the appropriate result to insure survivability

Now I have just reflected the founder analytical psychology, Mr. Carl Jung as it resonated well in me and would love to stress that while trying to understand something, “EXPPRESSION” is the key so let’s travel believing that LOVE is an emotion for the simple reason  that nothing is new and its only the expression of it leads to its understanding/discovery. Taking cue from this thumb rule, as a species bestowed with comprehension, and reasoning we must understand that a feeling attains completeness only when expressed 🙂

One can never disagree that “Survival” is the primordial instinct.  The need to be alive is more like a reflex embedded into the living. On closer observation this need to live arises out of love of life. That is primordial love without any adulteration.

If you see Anger as an emotion it arises out rejection (non acceptance), be it of a person or of a thought or of an Idea.

Happiness is registered when you what you loved and wished to happen happens.

Love can be traced to every emotion so It can very well be termed as the PRIMORDIAL EMOTION  and answering my friends question,

i.e  “when we are born the first thing we experience is pain and we cry so how is love is mother of all emotions?”

A baby cries because for almost 10 months it was in a enclosed surrounding, breathing what the mom breathed and feeding on what the mom ate. It grows fond and used to that system. Once born there is sudden change in the environment. The child is forced to breathe on its own and it is no longer in its fond surrounding and it cries for the “love” of the womb inside which it felt more protected and less exposed.

Its love everywhere, its green everywhere. We hope for a green patch when surrounded by dryness, green signifies fertility, green signifies life, the gasses that loves us, for it keeps up warm are the Green house gasses 😛    Martians are little green men 😉  (I hear u chuckle! )

Everything good is green, your heart too. Yes yours!!

Oh yeah… ! Have I mentioned before that I have this strange affinity towards those clad in green? 😉

Hmmm.. (*wonders why*) ,adding it to my ponder list !

Until next………


Ram ~ Knight 4ever


  1. //this need to live arises out of love of life// need not be the case. There is a feeling called indifference. You live or you die or you dont care. Eat while you get something or stay hungry. See if we want to trace everything to a particular emotion hypothetically we can. And for me fear is the most primitive emotion. Before the baby yearns for love, it is in fear that it cries. Its just my observation.

    • True Brags, fear is the more primitive. That is one of the reasons why I chose to describe LOVE as primordial ( as in a state/quality ) which means basic and fundamental.

      As you rightly mentioned many emotions can be traced and linked to a desired particular emotion hypothetically.IMHO nothing offers so much absorption as LOVE does . This is one of the major reasons why LOVE has so many manifestations and accommodates many other interpretations as your and mine 🙂

      • Yeah Love has so much absorption because we tend to relate everything to love because its an perfect excuse for all other emotions. For me Love is fear of being alone, Anger is fear of being rejected as an idea or as an person. Again its my own opinion. Fear also has so much absorption as you said. We tend to ignore that because we find “Love” as a positive thing and “fear” as negative.

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