The fourth color in VIBGYOR : Yellow

solar plexus chakra











YELLOW  COLOR relates to the Solar plexus chakra. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence

It relates to transforming energy into matter, matter into energy, ideas into reality, finding purpose, self esteem, self identity, relationship with people

Talking about Energy and Matter, In my previous posts I have discussed a lot about the science of how your thoughts are a big source of “energy” that shapes your reality and holds the vital key to success and irrespective of the fact that it has multiple yardsticks which differ from person to person, end of the day what “matters” is SUCCESS.

For the benefit of those who haven’t read this not new yet less known approach to  the equation of success, you can read them:


I started writing this VIBGYOR series to explore the realm of Auras and Chakras by pinning unique set of information that serves as metaphors that direct us to the origin of the feeling attached to a particular Aura color  and its Chakra. Lets explore more…

When asked to draw a sun, what color crayon would a kid choose?

YELLOW, right? The kid believes that the sun is yellow because that is what the kid sees and the kid’s version of reality is shaped by that belief. As the kid grows, science text books educate the kid that the light from the sun is actually white and has 7 components of various wavelengths (VIBGYOR) and the atmosphere of the Earth scatters sunlight, removing the shorter wavelength light, i.e. Violet and Blue and this scattering is the reason for the sky appearing Blue and once you reduce those colors from the spectrum of light coming from the Sun, it appears more yellow as it has comparatively longer wavelength. During dawn and dusk the sun’s light has to travel a relatively longer distance and hence even  yellow doesn’t reach and hence the colors with wavelength longer than yellow, i.e. ORANGE and RED is visible, which explains the sun appearing in red and orange shades during sunset and sunrise But if you could fly up and see the Sun from space, the color of the Sun would be pure white.

Even as an adult who knows that the sun is not yellow, we do paint sun in colors that we see it. This is because art is an expression and any expression that negates normal observation doesn’t register unless you intend to.

The root of every intention lies in a thought process that runs in parallel to our day to day observation and inferences. An erroneous or incomplete observation can lead to a wrong inference or half baked ( Data insufficient ), inedible inference. We all know what happens to the results of experiments with wrong inferences? (Remember the Titrations we did in chemistry lab?)

Never infer/judge unless you have all the right inputs for the chances of you being wrong is very high and always remember your reality completely shaped by your beliefs and “Think very highly of yourself as the world looks at you at your own estimate”

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Ram ~ Knight 4ever

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