Exploring the realm of AURA :Red

The Seventh and final color of VIBGYOR : RED








RED governs the BASE chakra situated at the base of the spine.


It denotes Vitality, Courage and Self awareness

It is the aura of survival and stability on earth.  The color red provides the power from the earth and spatially distributes this energy at all levels. It connects us to our physical body. Everything that is to be commenced needs the life vitality of red.

There is something that always baffles me. Its nothing but the knowledge that our ancestors possessed , which is far more advanced than anything modern science knows. I can quote Several examples.

Adi Shankaracharya ( Founder of Adwaita ) is the Father of Particle Physics, says Prof. V Suryanarayana Rao, Chairman of Foundation of Vedic Sciences. Shankara’s diagram in SOUNDARYA LAHIRI of the PADMA (lotus) has been discovered as the source of God Particle by scientists with the recent accelerator experiment when the thousand-petalled lotus manifested while they brought proton in collision with another proton of the same particle. The Sri Chakra with its pinnacle, Mahameru, the tip of the iceberg, is the representation of the entire process of creation, sustenance to destruction with the triangles being the forces of Shiva (pure consciousness/spirit) and Shakti (energized consciousness/matter).

Souce: http://www.narthaki.com/info/articles/art343.html

Padma / Sri Yantra of Adi Shankaracharya

Higgs Boson

There is ONE PARABRAHMAN (eternal, indescribable, attributeless) which is reflected as the world of MAYA (moving, filled with attributes).  A cosmic creative vibration (called sphota or explosion) arises between Shiva and Shakti called Nada. This Nada then gets consolidated into Shabda Brahman (differentiated sound energy), the universal cosmic resonance, symbolized by Om. From this arises cosmic intelligence that is responsible for the creation. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes we are looking at BIG BANG THEORY propounded in the 20th century being explained by a sage of ancient India who lived around 8th century CE.

I often come across several Sanskrit Shlokas that sound more scientific than religious

In Mahalakshmi Ashtakam, a part of Rig Vedic Hymn that dates roughly between 1700- 1100 BC

There is this verse:

Sthoola Sookshma Maharowdhre Mahasakthi Mahodhare ,Maha Pape Hare Devi Maha Lakshmi Namosthuthe.

Generally people assume this to be sung in praise of Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of wealth. But, on a closer observation this shloka can be read this way :

Subatomic particles ( Sthoola Sookshma) with a great spin (Maharowdhre) with a Great energy ( Mahashakti ) in the middle ( Mahodhare. A combination word of Maha+ udharaha . Maha denotes great and udharaha means stomach)

Doesn’t it remind you of Neil Bhor’s atom model propounded in the year 1915?

It can be inferred that the Vedas of Hinduism had description of an atom back in 1700 BC.

Neil Bhor’s atom model

In several parts of southern India, there are a sect of Sages called as SiThars(Siddhas)

There is something that the Siddhas believed and preached.

 “Andathil ullathey pindathil ullathu”

Which means “our body is a replica of the cosmos.”

Before I explain this previous quote, let me briefly describe who a Siddha is:

Siddha refers to a Siddha Guru who can initiate disciples into Yoga. A Siddham in Tamil means “one who is accomplished” and refers to perfected masters who, have transcended the ahamkara(ego),have subdued their minds to be subservient to their awareness, This is usually accomplished only by persistent meditation.

According to an ancient Tamil poem from the book Choodamani Nigandu, a Siddha  has 8 devine qualities :

“கடையிலா ஞானத்தோடு காட்சி வீரியமே இன்ப
மிடையுறு நாமமின்மை விதித்த கோத்திரங்களின்மை
அடைவிலா ஆயுஇன்மை அந்தராயங்கள் இன்மை
உடையவன் யாவன் மற்று இவ்வுலகினுக்கு இறைவனாமே”

Which roughly translates to:

“The soul that has infinite knowledge ( கடையிலா ஞானம்), infinite vision or wisdom (கடையிலா காட்சி), infinite power (கடையிலா வீரியம்), infinite bliss (கடையிலா இன்பம்), without name ( நாமமின்மை), without association to any caste ( கோத்திரமின்மை), infinite life span (ஆயுள் இன்மை) and indestructible  (அழியா இயல்பு)  is a Siddha”

Here, we have these sect of beings who are at the peak of universal awareness by attaining complete awareness of SELF, who  belongs to no religion or caste telling us that the universe and everything it contains is made up of the same thing and is a replica of each other.

Isn’t is what latest advancement in Quantum Physics tells us ? If we dig deeper into the Siddha concept, we can find references of Schrodinger’s paradox and several discussions that relates to Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.

It’s to these very same doctrines, the concept of CHAKRAS and Kundalini belongs.

In fact a SIDDHA attains completeness through triggering all the 7 chakras inside for which he has to start from the Base chakra that relates to the entire body in order to open the vortex that would allow him to connect to the omnipresent Paramathma ( read GOD for understanding)

That is the Aura that suggests completeness, It denotes a connect between the physical body and higher realms of cosmic consciousness.

Red is the ultimate truth that seals the living.

That brings us to the end of the VIBGYOR series. Wait, it’s not over yet…..

The epilogue is yet to come…..

Until then..


Ram~ Knight 4ever

4 thoughts on “Exploring the realm of AURA :Red

  1. As you mentioned, there are values/explanations for Sri chakra. 4 ways, 3 circles(2+1), 16 lotus and 8 lotus etc. Many more ‘Kaval theivangal’ are in those parts. Long time back I read one Xerox copy of the book that includes the angle between those ‘Triangle’ and also explained the dia between those 2 line. Excellent post.

  2. According to the PBR theorem,
    since the quantum wavefunction has been directly measured as a real physical object,
    the vision of the universe no longer could be considered psi-epimestic (merely information contained in the quantum wavefunction). The possible remained alternative is psi-ontics (real objects outside our conciousness).
    Recent studies have shown how quantum decoherence is not due to consciousness. Also it was explained why, at macroscopic level, reality is not so uncertain. Such findings vindicate the deterministic and classical physics theories:
    epistemic theories shared by new agers seem wrong:
    It is not in our brain. It doesn’t depend on our observation. It doesn’t depend on our willingness. The universe matter is not distantly “interconnected”.Particles are not involved by “spooky actions”in that sense. Particles Interaction is both real and ontic.

    All those quantum mystic myths have been widely debunked, but real scientists have never had doubts about that. I’m sorry, but this seems the beginning of the end of the “age of aquarium”. Science looks more fancy than the speculation of many narcisistic new agers. The real “magic power” of mind is intelligence and imagination, which leaded us to the moon and made our dreams true. No “quantum vibrations” connected by the “infinite intelligence” coming from our brain.

    Thus, assuming that the quantum wavefunction is ontic, the Copenhagen interpretation is shifted in favour of the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI). In MWI you can imagine yourself living by infinite copies one for each possible universe, with infinite outcomes. Therefore, if in this universe you are the Dalai Lama, then in another universe you are Adolf Hitler. Following this logic, one day the most evil man than ever will born and will destroy the world for each universe. In my humble opinion, that’s one more reason to believe that quantum mechanics theory should not be extended to our common macro reality and our human beliefs, otherwise we risk to fall into an absolute relativism and our life could stick to just a random nonsense. That’s why I blame quantum mysticism or, in general, theories which want to merge science and religion. Nevertheless, science is falsifiable, as stated by Karl Popper. Thus, even quantum religions should be forced to review their statements, and that is a nonsense too. That’s why I do not trust too much New Age an other quantum woo beliefs. In a MW model, there are infinite bodies and infinite souls who live all togheter contemporary, one for each universe. In my opinion that would be a nonsense even for the vedic religion, because it wold be impossible to detect one specific soul beeing able to improve the self awareness for ascending to a higher level in the next life/universe. According to a MW quantum mysticism hypotesis , there’s no need of reincarnation, because for a living creature, all the souls do their experience at the same time for each universe, respectively.
    We should just let scientists doing their own commendable work, without mixing science and religion, and respecting all beliefs without the arrogance to use science for demonstrating which is the right belief.


    • That was a profound comment and the resources provided were highly complimenting.

      I take this opportunity to clarify that I am not using science to demonstrate which belief is right.If you had read previous posts you can get a snapshot of what am arriving at.I Strongly believe that every religion is a misinterpreted science and esp the Vedic.
      Why stress on the Vedic religion?
      Simply coz my exposure has been relatively more on it and it being the oldest religion still practiced by millions.
      I believe everything known is volatile for everything we know now has been approached only through the previously known. Travelling in a route already known ll lead you only to known places wont it? Am just trying to look at things bereft the “Known” tag 🙂

      Again, everything you mentioned is very commendable and I really appreciate you taking so much time and effort to let me know your views.


  3. I believe in Adi Shankara’ principles tagged with science. The scientific interpretation of Sri Chakra is very convincing. The divine pleasure I derive from meditation is increased by many folds when I gaze at Sri Chakra. This will take me to “Trans” the supreme vibration which cleanse mind as well as soma. I am a strong believer that cosmic energy is studded with GOD particles Which is the source of the origin of entire universe- Bramhanda.

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