With no one to observe, will sky still be blue?

With no one to impose,will everything you believe still hold true?

Be wary of what is being said and the light that is being shed,

For in colours you were bred and by nature they tend to spread.



A room is cold for it is no longer warm.

Your mind disputes for it’s no longer calm.

Lo, in the absence of one, its counter is felt,

Only when a flower stoppeth bloom, it starts to wilt.



Your reality is tweaked by what you believe,

Be it the color you see or the warmth that you feel.

Be it the people that you see and the problems that you grieve,

Enjoy life , it is just a brief stint

The grass cant be green if your glasses have a dark tint




By Ram~ Knight4ever


5 thoughts on “Colourless

  1. My interpretations (There are several of them):

    You know, this poem reminds me of a favorite phrase – that we wouldn’t appreciate daylight if there was no night. Continuous happiness makes us undervalue it. If life had no lows the ebbs would be the same as flows. And happiness wouldn’t be so dear.

    The colours we give are shades of our experiences. It’s very tough to keep the past experiences from casting a veil on our future. (Reference to the shades)

    And, the fact that most of us have two personalities – one for the world, and one for ourselves.. the masks. I had written a poem on this on my old blog (now private). When the world is watching, we are afraid of being judged. It matters to us how the world perceives us and we act accordingly.

    As within, so without – a destination hard to attain.

    Your poetry pushes me into the introspection mode!!

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