8th Year of Blogging : An appeal to readers


Dear Readers, 


Today, I enter into my eighth year of blogging. Six years back, when I decided to shut down my first blog, for it housed nothing but poems of a loon engulfed by negativity, I told myself that once in every 3 years I would revisit all the contents of my blog and travel inwards to understand how have I evolved emotionally and intellectually (If at all..).Post inference, I would delete posts that have no semblance to the present me after saving a copy of it in my digital scarp vault. Of course there are posts that are exceptions, like the ones that are fact files. The simple reason behind doing this activity is that, I want my blog to reflect the present me at all times. The past is strictly for me to rummage 🙂 


Why all this gyaan now? 


Because it has been 3 years since the last review and it is time to lean back and travel inward again. But, this time I have decided to try something new simply because 2013 has been a great year for me, both personally and in blogging. Becoming a part of bloggers communities such as Chennai Bloggers Club, Indiblogger, Blogadda and Writeup Cafe offered me wider audience and in 2013 alone my blog visits were more than the collective count of 2010-2012 and had visits from 67 countries across the globe (At least that’s what the WordPress Annual report says). As a blogger with wider audience than ever before (personally), I feel morally obliged to include you all in my journey that reflects the past 3 years of blogging. So, I request you all to let me know your constructive criticism and feedback on my blog.

Also do let me know the change you want to see in my blogging and what you would love to read from me. I believe this would help me evolve into a better blogger.

You can either leave your feedback in the comments section or you can mail your feedback to acharya.sriram@gmail.com  



Ram~ Knight 4ever


3 thoughts on “8th Year of Blogging : An appeal to readers

  1. hmm…i would say..leave those past posts well alone…the past is just the past….as long as everyone knows the present you- nobody is going to judge your by your past posts….let them stay as a reminder to you of times past when you were probably happy,sad, naive or confused…..let them stay as a record of your journey through life….to where you are now.

    just my two cents

    • Thanks Doc 🙂 Every post I have made has been saved virtually.I believe no posts in this present blog of mine are as irrational as the ones I deleted 🙂 So… will try not delete any more posts. Thanks again for your suggestion.

  2. Wishing you many more years of successful blogging 🙂 boss konjam light aana topics choose pannunga – some stuff goes into realms of PhD-level classes! Remember it is the time of the aam-aadmi 🙂

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