AAM AADMI : A perspective of the politically illiterate

AAP topi


Am going to keep this really short!


I might be politically illiterate but my moderate understanding of human behavior can infer a huge resistance to change and abysmal amount impatience and misunderstanding among Indians with respect to present political scenario . Rather than seeing AAP as a party that poses a threat to ripe parties from left to right, national to state, we need to see it as a catalyst that has the potential to give the present political system a slingshot to effectiveness.


It has showed the Indian netas that a small upsurge from a common man can place a meek amateur starkly juxtaposed with a veteran. This act does not mark the birth of a foolproof party that would make India a paradise but it slaps a wakeup call to existing age old parties and makes them realize that they need to start doing rather than just promising, for in India, people vote against a party than for one.

Frankly, I neither see an ideal CM in AK nor great substance to be a trendsetting PM candidate. I am happy to see him as a catalyst. After all, a catalyst just increases the rate of reaction without itself undergoing any permanent change.




Ram ~ Knight 4ever


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