Less Known Science : The Superman Memory crystal and mysteries of Ancient Humans


Yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality.Many wildest fictious gadgets of the past have later become reality .Books and films are filled with such examples,


  • Jules Verne came up with the idea of a fax machine in 20000 leagues under the sea*


  • Arthur C. Clarke talked and wrote extensively about Geostationary satellites,


  • and Edward Bellamy’s novel featured telephone and credit cards far before its time.


  • In 2002, Phillip K. Dick’s short story was produced into the Hollywood movie called Minority Report. In the film, a computer allows the user to virtually drag and drop objects in a holographic screen which is now a reality.



The most recent of all, researchers at the University of Southampton have announced that they are able to store and retrieve huge amounts of five dimensional data on quartz crystals.

They have nicked it “Superman memory crystal” – after the “memory crystals” used as storing devices in the Superman films.They claim that using ultra-fast lasers, we can now encode a piece of quartz with 5D information in the form of nano-structured dots separated by only one millionth of a meter.If their claims are true, then,
the storage allows unprecedented parameters including 360 TB/disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1000°C and practically unlimited lifetime.

superman memory crystals


The fact that humans have now stumbled upon something that would survive the human race is as thrilling as the fact that our ancestors might have done the same thing in the distant past.


In few of my previous posts I have discussed about the possibility of a highly evolved and a far more sophisticated and technologically advanced civilizations existing in our antiquity. Our history is filled with artifacts and religious metaphors that point towards the possibility of the same.The Sumerians talk about extraterrestrial beings whom they call Annunaki (star gods).Vedic texts are filled with divine beings called DEVAS who come in flying vehicles called vimanas.There are biblical references which suggests alien visitations  and the list is endless.

Now,this wonderful discovery that enables us to store huge amount of data that can be retrieved even after millions of years, makes us think about the possibility our ancestors doing same hoping we would retrieve it someday.

It is indeed rational to question the possibility of such an advances race existing in antiquity. Modern archaeological findings supporting this idea are aplenty .


Michael Cremo in his book,Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of Human Race published in 1993, discusses extensively about how archaeologists and geologists have unearthed skeletal remains and fossilized human imprints that predates the Jurassic age debunking Darwin’s theory of evolution.He also discusses on how they have been unscrupulously silenced by mainstream scientist as it negates the entire tenet of their belief and research framework.

1.8 million yrs old skull      

110 Million yrs old fossilized imprint of human palm
110 Million yrs old fossilized imprint of human palm


Our ancient history is filled with architectural and technological marvels that are impossible to achieve even with the so called superior technological advancement of the 21st century.To quote a few :

1.The Great Pyramid
2.The Longyou Caves
3.The Baalbek Enigma
4.The Iron Pillar of Delhi,India
5.Nan Malod
6.Pumapunku and Tiwanaku
7.The Nazca lines
the list is endless……….

Klaus Dona, an Austrian who devoted his life in collecting artifacts that throws light on unsolved mysteries of human past,  has a baffling collection of artifacts including a pyramid with the an eye like the one that appears on a one dollar(US) bill.

Pyramid eye


There are several documentaries on these artifacts that suggest that human life existed far beyond the time frame our mainstream scientists believe.

klerksdorp Sphere    Gene Plate    Brainwave Flute

500000 yrs_Spark Plug12000 yrs old map


You can watch this video to get a better idea about these artifacts.



It definitely appears as if our ancestors were far more technologically advanced and knew lot more about the secrets that nature holds than modern humans.
Am just spit balling here, what if… what if our ancestors knew that quartz crystal can store huge amount of info and had embedded answers to what puzzles modern humans in them and for long we have just seen them as  plain quartz or artifacts.Its time that we examine crystals very closely next time we come across one while excavating.It might have been our ancestors flash drive 😉 and you never know what information it holds 😀


Ram ~ Knight 4ever

3 thoughts on “Less Known Science : The Superman Memory crystal and mysteries of Ancient Humans

    • The dead sea scrolls and the book of Enoch has several such revelations. . A Google can land u on the needed info mate. Infact in the book of genesis god says.. ” lets create man in our own image ” which many believe to be a metaphor that suggest human life was genetically engineered by extraterrestrial beings whom we worship as god.. our creator. 🙂

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