The CBC TABLOG 2 : One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change

This post has been published as a part of ‘The CBC Tablog – 2. Where a group of bloggers from CBC  Chennai Bloggers Club) have come together to write on the topic – “One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change”


The Baton was passed on to me by Gayu Venkat who is claims to be a Juvenile Dreamer and a Jejune Sketcher who loves to find happiness in small things.You can read her post here

 So, what aspect of Chennai I want to change? Hmmm..Let me try a relative sketch here.

Though born in Chennai, I grew up in a tier 2 city where people enjoyed many luxuries of nature that  Chennai vaasis don’t.  The biggest luxury of all was the interconnectedness that every occupant of a particular locality shared. I still remember how many families lived in my street for every time there was an Independence Day celebration, all the kids in the colony will team up for “collection” and the money collected thus will be spent on organizing games and fun events for every age group.  Every game would have it’s season except for cricket for it was a perennial sport.  Two months for Top and Marbles ( Bambaram & Goli), Two months for Badminton and Gilli, and last few months of the year would be dedicated to making  Manja ( String used for fighter kites ) and Kite flying , endlessly running behind every single kite that loses the deal with a long pole or Kavvankal (a stone tied to a Manja string to pull kites stuck between tree branches or electric poles ) . These were the constant ones, other games like kabaddi ,Ice boys, Seven Stones, Countries will pop up depending upon the collective mood of the colony. If anyone one falls ill, the entire colony will know and at least half a dozen grannies from the colony will visit with some homemade remedy or some wise advice. There was something in everyone of the colony that kept us interconnected and that is what I think Chennai has lost in the name of growth and modernization. Now Chennai must have had it too but when and why did it lose it?  My guess, the city has become too fast. Too fast to even stop for a moment and help someone who has just tripped, get up. Too fast even know who your neighbors are. Too fast to even acknowledge the new hairdo your wife had had hoping you would notice. Too fast to have a proper dinner with family every night. Too fast to stop for a moment and relish the subtleties of present than can give you happiness for a lifetime.  It is this pace that I would like to change in Chennai. This pace is killing the present generation from true learning.  Just like a wisecrack once said ,“It puts them all in a rat race and in the end, no matter you win, you end up being just a rat”

I see lions turning into rats deluded by this pace. So if you ask me, I wish Chennai slows down a bit. A bit enough for the human touch and feeling of interconnectedness to seep in.

I now pass the baton to Prashanth Ashok who happens to be a very close friend of mine. Known for the super friendly aura that he carries, he is fondly called as the Singapore Santa by fellow CBCians. One can talk about anything under the sun to him for his ears are as big as his heart. He blogs at  AP’s (S)crap


One thought on “The CBC TABLOG 2 : One aspect of Chennai that I would like to change

  1. Earlier, people were complaining that Chennai is slow (compared to other cities), and now this! But what you say is true. Earlier, we used to live in flats with a big open ground in front. Both us kids and elders used to meet regularly and invite each others to their homes for games, events, etc. But now that flat has been “extended” and “modernized” with practically no space anywhere, and it has been constructed in a way that will be difficult for neighbors to even know each other. The price we pay for increasing prosperity?

    Destination Infinity

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