Coming Of Age


The inward travel, in search of the long lost you.

The deeper you dive, the darker it gets.

All those pains, in phases life spew.

Those adolescent learning from days of fret.

You wade through the known looking for unknown.

Following a map whilst truth is uncharted.

This crass lasts a little long,

And all of a sudden you stop yet fall,path altered.

You feel guilt, you feel pain,

you are afraid like never before.

You momentarily curse,this unwelcome chain.

You keep falling until you forget who you are.

In that lapse you come to a halt,

Devoid all ties and just the core.

A distant light, winks and taunts

With all might left, forward you trot

All this to what? To meet the you,you knew not.

Everything you knew was all a mirage,

And all time is now thus now is real.

You ought to believe albeit surreal,

For you just met god and came of age

And no longer belong to the mortal cage.


Ram~ Knight 4ever


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