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This post is a part of Chennai Bloggers Club’s(CBC) Tablog 3 where a group of bloggers write on the theme “Chennai: A Blend of the Traditional and Modern.”ย For those who are not aware, Chennai Bloggers Club is a group of wonderful bloggers who yap, scribble, ramble, annotate, facilitate and sometime even tolerate thoughts on a digital platform ๐Ÿ˜‰ We discuss anything and everything under the sun and at times over and above.

As customary, a blog tag is handed over by a fellow blogger to another and it was handed over to me by Madhvi Kumar. You can read her post here. A big thanks to her for introducing me in such a wonderful way.

As humans our routines become a pattern which reveals itself in everything we do. With time our brain recognizes this pattern as a common and accepted occurrence and frames a template around it which reflects in the way we perceive the world around us. This pattern is passed from one generation to other with small additions and
subtraction, but with the core intact. This is termed as tradition. ( For better understanding read THIS)

Anything that we do in the name of modernity has evolved from this tradition and hence its impossible for any civilization to call itself modern unless they have a foot grounded in its tradition. Also, the possibility of something appearing out of nothing is farce. There is a bit of Alpha 1.0 in every Lollipop 5.0.2 you own.

Having said all that, what makes Chennai stand out?
If I ponder hard to figure out if Chennai is the only city with a thriving blend of Tradition and Modern then am constantly asserted with a big NO.But who cares, this is my city and my blog ๐Ÿ˜› And Chennai is the only city that has showed me visibly that it is.

  • The advent of cappuccino and cocoa hasn’t brought down the craze for Filter Kaapi
  • The emergence of Play Stations hasn’t brought down the craze for street cricket
  • The popularity of Rock, hip Hop and Rap hasn’t hit the Margazhi Maasam Katcheris drastically
  • Aerobics and Allopathy thrive side by side with yoga and several eastern medical practices.
  • We might now make Ganesha using Plaster Of Paris instead of mud but still we continue to bathe him in milk and drown him in sea soon after :POh! those are common to many other cities too, right? Hmm.. Let me give it a personal touch:

As a person who was born in Chennai, the most vivid memories of my childhood revolves strictly around places like KK Nagar, PSBB School, Rouch Stationery, YMCA Swimming pool, Sivan Park,Udhayam Theater and a certain HIRE CYCLE shop off MGR Nagar. Unfortunately, my dad was transferred to a different city and I had to reluctantly leave this city. When I relocated to Chennai after 16 years, I thought it would hardly be anything like what it was when I was young. But this city proved me wrong.

The streets in which I played had numerous tall and new houses but it still had the same temples,playgrounds and its Gulmohar trees. The school road had become narrower but the school still looked and surprisingly smelt the same. If you didn’t know that every school has its unique smell then am sorry, all those years you spent in school is of no significant use. The Rouch Stationery was now called Rouch Fancy Stores with a bigger shop area and heavier footfall, but the guy at the billing Section was the same old guy with his beaming smile and paan tinted lips.The warm feeling that I used to get as a kid when he let me carry home a new Cosco ball though I was a few coins short will always remain fresh and the best part, he would do that with a smile and wink.I saw him doing the same few years back but the only difference was that there was no Cosco ball but a transformer toy in the kid’s hand. The Hire Cycle shop is now a Travel Agency.As a kid it helped local kids to commute in hour cycles, now the same shop was still helping people commute. The only difference is that the mode of transportation has changed and not the core. You get the drift, right?

More than the above mentioned , what makes Chennai stand out is the way it has received so many traditions and allowed it to blend in its DNA as it evolved into the present MODERN .The Madras Bashai (A dialect of TAMIL used in Chennai) is a standing testimony to it. Wonder how many know that the local slur Kasmalam and Bemani are borrowed from Sanskrit word Kash-malam (Discardable,) and Urdu word Be-Imani (Unloyal) and the most common words like Galeej(Shabby) and Dabbu(Money) from Kannada and Telugu respectively?
The list is endless but the inference in precise :No city has such a unique blend as Chennai, at least none that I reckon.
With that I pass on the baton to RAM THILAK who blogs at RTCEO’s Blog and Thoughts
He claims to be a weird recluse, a constant seeker for knowledge and by blogging he manages to slowly lose the former and enhance the latter. He believes that the more he writes, the more chiseled his knowledge gets.He writes on varied topics ranging from Philosophy to film reviews. Do visit his blog for more ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “A better blend called CHENNAI : CBC TABLOG 3

  1. There are so many stand-outs; to begin with – my city and my blog [LOL!]; the point where it hits you – //The only difference is that the mode of transportation has changed and not the core. You get the drift, right?//; the Madras ‘Bashai’…such a good read!

  2. I am just loving this TABLOG. It brings nostalgia and reality in one sentence. You have beautifully captured the general through the personal, Sriram and that is what makes this post a must read.

    Joy always,

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