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For a change, a little personal entry on my blog.Maybe because many suggested that I need to add a little flavor to my posts and make it an interesting read for majority   and as far as I reckon, to a vast majority, “OTHER’s” personal is the most favourite flavor.. 😛 .And yeah, also to create a small reference that highlights the fact am not that big a flop myself 😛 who just decided to pen down what he wish he could have done but wisdom dawned pretty late ;). Read on to know the two things that shaped my life to what it is now.

“chaam…what do you want to become when you grow ?” my mom would ask me. Happily sitting on my Dad’s big tummy, fiddling with an old alarm clock I would say “An asthronoth” with heavy aspirations on T and H and a whole lot of conviction.For long, I was sure that I would become an Astronaut someday and so was my mom. Little did I know that future had something else in store for me.

It all started when my dad was watching one of the most popular series of the early 1990’s called “TURNING POINT” hosted by Mr.Girish Karnad . My dad just couldn’t stop me from playing slides on his paunch so he literally tied me to a nearby window (I ain’t kidding here, I got that often) with my mom’s old saree and I had no option than watch the program with him that shaped my world until Under graduation. It was a show about the universe with a little footage from the Apollo’s mission to moon. “who are they pa?” I asked, “Astronauts! Now don’t disturb” he said and I didn’t utter a single word henceforth. I watched the whole show with undivided attention and spent the whole night imagining myself in space suits [I do that even now] and after that night until high school, if anyone asked what I wanted to become, I would reply in a trice , “ An Astronaut” . I never let that dream go, time only changed the word astronaut to Astrophysicist but the passion was always there and it came inches close to materializing after I completed my Bachelors degree in physics, but a personal setback ended that dream and I had to take the tough decision of letting it go and started working in a completely irrelevant industry.

I was not sad that my dreams were curbed instead I was happy with my new found wisdom,

“ If you want something with all your heart and keep striving to achieve it you would definitely see it materializing as planned and the only thing that can stop you from achieving it would be YOU.”

Thanks to the book that one of my friends gifted me on my 19th birthday, “Think and grow rich” which changed my life completely from then on.
I started exploring what else am I passionate about and when I found it, I started working on it.I ensured that every decision I took,facilitated my passion to grow and not curb, in other words I nourished and nurtured it and a few weeks back I was standing in yet another juncture where everything I had planned were inches away from materializing and I ensured that nothing stops it and here I stand with the widest smile possible oozing success and happiness.

Some might wonder,  “What about the Astronaut thing?” Well It didn’t take me long to realize that my passion revolved more around knowing than doing when it came to Astrophysics, so till date I haven’t stopped learning and sharing. This blog as such stands a testimony to it 🙂

That day, hadn’t my dad made me watch that show or if my friend hadn’t presented me with that book, who knows …..


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