0 Things that won’t blow your mind !

There is a big problem when it comes to being funny, especially when people assume that they are on satire or “ANY” mode presumed to be a highly evolved one that
signifies a mature society that can laugh at their shortcomings. Its like, you can see a tear in the thin line that separates the one telling the joke and the one who is becoming one.
Though thin, this line is made up of several fictitious and quirky stuff, like :

1.One’s ego that constantly asserts the need to be right, completely disregarding the fact that one has been wantonly (Not to be confused with chinese food) painting a picture of an insolent nincompoop who on many previous occasions proved that the cranial thickness innate in him ( Avoiding feminist* fist) didn’t allow reality to seep and hence his head was tilted upwards allowing a visible 95 degree gap between the throat and the chin and walked like a kathakali dancer with just the hands and legs a little less apart, circumventing every single soul around him who were choiceless-lyy left gobsmacked by the level of retardness displayed.


2. A belief that one’s freedom of speech is nothing but a compensation for not using freedom of thought.

3. The assumption that one has the right to write/speak the wrong words as no one cares how language is wrought for it’s “just” a medium of communication, plus one is
safely tucked under the blanket of non native speaker.

4. A neo contemporary belief system pinned to humor that forgets the dichotomy between funny and fun loving society and it’s corresponding needs.

5. You, your imaginary friend and a mutual friend of his who is bestowed with all the gyaan that runs untapped in the cosmos!

The list is a dynamic and never ending one, so I stop here, predominantly due to lack of understanding and creativity benchmarked by modern humorists.

This behaviour is not restricted to humor alone! One can easily infer that this is spreading virally ( 20 things that will blow your mind off, for you cannot guess the
ending, for it empowers women… Awww cute kittens ) to other important things that the human race as a collective noun think are pressing issues. For example..
Wisdom, Sanity, Sanitation (*tongue in cheek*), Feminism (*ducks*) what not.

This has become pandemic of-late. It has been blown to such huge proportion that, overnight a girl decides to empower women for they are being objectified and sexualized. Well nothing wrong with that, I agree, but empowering by posting bloody( literal) pictures of her periods takes it to a whole new level of..Narcissism(You read it right!).
Then there was this bollywood chic (not to be confused with (chick)hen a flightless bird that gets chopped,anointed with masala and fried when it is 65 days old) who
gave empowerment a whole new meaning. Let me not get into what was right or wrong with this elitist and weak attempt by Vogue, but, I wanna ask a simple question.If
contribution to society is your motto who do you feed? The needy or the greedy? If you haven’t understood why this is being asked, am sorry you need some

Somewhere in between all these hits,shares,popularity and reformation there is an abyss of ignorance and misinterpretations.The vast majority have no idea that Sex and Gender are different things and even if they knew, a major chunk of the population who know, either don’t know the difference between equity and equality or are oblivious to it.

Try it with humor, try it with satire, try being a rebel or try with alien intervention, unless you are less skewed to preconceived notions built purely upon self experiences nothing you do holds good.Am neither anti-feminist nor someone who is against empowerment of women.I too believe that every individual choices must be respected.All that I am against is human stupidity for nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.(Martin Luther King Jr).

So, all am saying is be wary of what are you asking for. Equality of Equity? For if its the former that you seek, its almost impossible to achieve with all the genetic and historic deficits.

I need to end this somehow right?( THIS write-up 😛 ) So what do I suggest? Well am no sophist but I believe am relatively more sane. So If am not sure of my tools or know how to use them, I better learn before I use or let my kit rust. Hmm… Rust.. I wish


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