And you walked in



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You knew what you were signing up for. So don’t complaint if it gets verbose. It might sound more like an article than a letter at places (Pages are places). But still, you need no warning.

So, here comes a story which I have always wanted to tell you. It goes like this…..

There once lived a boy who believed in a romantic destiny. Like every normal guy, the overrated idea of a uniquely compatible partner who would walk into his life and sweep him off his feet enlivened him.

The only other logical outcome that can follow the act of being swept off is a heavy fall and so, he did believe he will fall… in LOVE..

Little did he understand that a maverick like him finding a girl who would compliment his oddities earmarked by his peculiar doting and quirks laced with prickly humor was near to never!

He was totally oblivious to the fact that perfection is just an illusion that lasts only till you explore the initial commonalities and with time this emotional high would revert to plain living. And he, still being a BOY, would hold on to the idea of the perfect girl and search for her somewhere else. It didn’t take long for him to understand the crudeness of his desires. He despised how he easily gave up when things were not perfect even though it was still good. He no longer wanted to fall in love. He wanted to grow in it.

And so.. He built a fort

One made of wit and grit

In its sanctum was a heart,

Laden with all love and lust that just ‘the one’ befit

He will not fall; for his wisdom was set

In growth he consigned and love therewith

His fort held guard and time did test

A few walked past and a few pounded his chest

His armor was sound, even the toughest detest

Not for long, as you walked in; a pleasant unrest

Charming yet unbending with an artistic heat

Nothing like him, sans the inquisitive fret

With time and company that none conspired

He turned a knight and you his beloved

His fort was now his armor, to its loyalty he has sworn

Safely guarding the sanctum, that now you gracefully adorn

So it ends only to begin, from a boy to a man and then to a lover

Slowly he grew, in and with love and he shall be a “Knight Forever”

You get it right? Or should I go again?


“There once lived a boy who believed in a romantic destiny….



A post for “Write a love letter campaign” by Chennai Bloggers Club

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